Image of Leguano Barefoot Shoes
  • excercise naturally
  • move forward in comfort
  • give your body what it deserves


Our idea was to create a new type of shoe that would enable the healthiest and most natural form of forward motion: walking barefoot. Developed over the course of many years, our barefoot leguano shoes restore the full range of foot movement for wearers. At the same time, the feet are protected by hard-wearing, slip-resistant soles that adapt around every movement of the foot and the muscles.

The material used for the sole is tough enough to provide almost complete protection even from sharp objects. The uppers hold the foot firmly, allowing bodily heat to escape when walking or running and retaining warmth when resting. leguanos can be used as running shoes, and in fact are suitable for all manner of indoor and outdoor usages. Children and older people can also benefit from these innovative shoes.  Thanks to excellent slip-proof qualities on any surface and the resultant strengthening of the foot muscles, wearers are able to walk without assistance well into old age. leguanitos and leguanos provide maximum protection for feet when walking barefoot. Functional, sophisticated footwear with style.

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